NO 04

September 2009

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The path towards tomorrow's mobility is not an easy one for car manufacturers to tread. They have to tackle the issue of shrinking fossil fuels, while at the same time they need to develop eco-friendly technologies and provide mobility solutions for people in the newly industrializing nations. In this situation, only those manufacturers with a wide range can win. Just like the Volkswagen group which, with its broad spectrum of models, has just the car for every customer. Be it a luxury saloon car, a family van or an economical eletric car – the team from Wolfsburg makes the dreams of today's and tomorrow's drivers come true.

Additionally, VIAVISION NO 04 explains why the electric engine does not suffice as a concept for future mobility, and which problems the engineers have to overcome before an electric vehicle that is both efficient and practical can go into mass production.

On 18 pages, Volkswagen also grants you an exclusive glance at the new models from its range of marques. The models are to be presented at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany, from September 15.