NO 03

July 2009

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The development of new engine concepts at Volkswagen is based on a broad conceptual approach; seeking a more efficient use of existing technology and, at the same time, the search for alternatives. The 3^rd issue of VIAVISION focuses on two examples of emerging technology: the TDI-engine, a turbo charged direct injection engine, and the natural gas engine.

TDI technology is characterized by greater fuel efficiency, longer operational performance and lower emissions. VIAVISION looks back on a twenty year success story.

The topic of natural gas technology is explored and the most important questions regarding safety and costs are answered. The natural gas Scirocco demonstrates that motorsports and sustainable mobility need not be mutually exclusive concepts.

Other topics featured in this issue include; the off-setting of CO_2 emissions by means of global tree planting projects, and the Internal Environment Awards, acknowledging Volkswagen employee's commitment to environment preservation.